Hidupini Seperti Roda Yang Berputar Dan Dalam Perjalanan Hidupku Kini Aku Belari..!! Andai Kata Satu Hari Nanti Saya Tersungkur Ketika Saya Berlari Di Saat Ini, Saya Pasti Akan Berlari Semula Bila Saya Bangkit Kembali…!!

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Did you know?

Waking early: in 1787, Levi Hutchins of Concord, New Hampshire, came up with one of the earliest versions of an alarm clock. For the rest of us, it might not have been too attractive. It could only ring at one time 4a.m.

Failed idea: in 1975, scientists developed a featherless chicken, but their big idea was a commercial failure. They discovered it cost more to heat the hen house than it did to pluck all the feathers of the chicken.


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